Monday, January 21, 2008

7 Months and 10 weeks!!

Can you believe this kid is 7 months already!!!! If you can't tell, the picture above is him in the coffee table. Yes, this is his new thing and it is driving me nuts! See how sharp the edges are? If someone saw all the bruises on him they would report me. So, 7 months, crawling everywhere, attitude galore, and still no teeth! He HATES his cloths being changed and loves crawling on everything.

As for the pregnancy, well, it's going. I was sick Saturday night and threw up after putting Alex to bed. He won't go to sleep for Andy anymore so this has become my job. I called myself super mom that night since I waited to be sick after he went to bed. Aghhh motherhood.

Casey is still not loving Alex too much. I guess she goes to nip at his feet during the day with my mom here. I saw her do it once and I think it is her way of trying to help out. When Alex goes to crawl near her she just does a low growl and runs. Guess she really needs to get use to him since there will be 2 babies soon!!!

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