Monday, January 21, 2008

7 Months and 10 weeks!!

Can you believe this kid is 7 months already!!!! If you can't tell, the picture above is him in the coffee table. Yes, this is his new thing and it is driving me nuts! See how sharp the edges are? If someone saw all the bruises on him they would report me. So, 7 months, crawling everywhere, attitude galore, and still no teeth! He HATES his cloths being changed and loves crawling on everything.

As for the pregnancy, well, it's going. I was sick Saturday night and threw up after putting Alex to bed. He won't go to sleep for Andy anymore so this has become my job. I called myself super mom that night since I waited to be sick after he went to bed. Aghhh motherhood.

Casey is still not loving Alex too much. I guess she goes to nip at his feet during the day with my mom here. I saw her do it once and I think it is her way of trying to help out. When Alex goes to crawl near her she just does a low growl and runs. Guess she really needs to get use to him since there will be 2 babies soon!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

8 weeks all over again!!!

On Tuesday we went for the new babies ultra-sound. We got to see the little peanuts heart beat. I think after Tuesday it is really starting to hit me now. For the first time since I found out I was pregnant I am excited. We took Alex with us so he could see his brother/sister. He did so good. We are going to the same OBGYN that I went with alex, so all the nurses remembered us and made a big fuss over him. I remember when we first went for that first ultra sound with Alex. He was in there with his little arm buds and leg buds moving all around. This new baby was just "sitting" there. Ahhh, maybe I'll have a nice calm baby this time around? lol, I know, too soon to tell. I can day dream right? Well needless to say, My due date has been moved back a week. I am 8 weeks insted of 9 weeks. So my new date is 18 Aug. Just another week of the heat.

So Alex is going to be 7 months in 3 days. I really can't believe how fast time is going by. He still has no teeth but he is crawling everywhere. I was laying on the floor the other day and he was trying to crawl over me. While he was doing it, he pulled himself right up to standing. I couldn't believe my eyes. Of course it didn't last very long. I am not encouraging him to walk too soon!That is about it for now. We will be going up to NH on the noght of the 30th and I have my next Pre-natal on that morning. Guess I will have more after our vacation!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh, BABY!!!

Well, Andy and I have some big news!!! We are going to be having baby #2!!! Well #2 for right now. I am 8 weeks pregnant which puts me at a due date of 11 Aug. I will be going to the doctors next week which is when I will schedule my ultra sound. Let me just say, there had better just be one baby in there! I may just lose my mind if we end up with twins. I am going to copy my friend Jenn and keep a blog of the pregnancy. It will just be added onto Alex's. This way everyone can see what's going on with both babies. Holy crap, grab a seat and enjoy the ride!!!! Baby number 2 is coming in 8 months!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Well, we took Alex to the doctors last week for his 6 months checkup. He weights 17.8 lbs! I can't believe how big he's getting. Me and Grandmom at going shopping next week since he's growing out of everything he owns. Childrens Place here we come! Also, Alex is officially crawling. Maybe I'll start to loose some weight now running after him! 6 months and he's already crawling!!! Alex, where are your teeth???

Sunday, December 16, 2007

6 Months

Talk about falling behind in keeping this blog. Alexander is now 6 months old. Friday we went for his check up and he weighs 17.8 lbs and is 28 inches long. Where has the time gone? He is so much fun. Work was talking about sending be on another deployment, but right now it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Andy and I have also been discussing another baby....stay tuned for that one! lol. So I have 6 months to talk about on here. Lets see; the big thing we are waiting on right now is crawling! He gets up on his hands and knees and hen pushes himself onto his feet so he looks like a little inch worm. Too cute. He doesn't quite have the hang of it, but I bet by the time we go see Dee Dee he will be crawling! Andy took some really cute pictures that I will try to post soon. The picture above is obviously halloween. We didn't go out this year since it was kinda cold out and I would have been stuck with all the candy anyway. Save it for next year! Hopefully I will keep up with this a bit better and will try to get on every week. Promise! lol

Monday, July 23, 2007

BIG baby

Well today Alex had his 6 week doctors appointment. I thought he was going to get his shots today, but since he is 2 days shy from being 6 weeks old they wouldn't let him get them. Sooo next week I am going to take him. He did get weighted, 11lbs 6 oz! He weighted 7lbs 12 oz when he was born. I knew he was getting big, but not that big! Other than that, the doctor says he is perfect. Would he be anything less? I don't think so!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What Sleep?

Ahh, my favorite thing in the whole wide world, SLEEP! Pre-pregnancy Andy and I would sleep in till noon. First Trimester, never slept so good in my life. Second Trimester, a little less since I was beginning to wait up and have to pee all the time. Third Trimester, ahh I thought I couldn't sleep and would go on the couch and watch t.v. at night. WHAT WAS I THINKING???? Post pregnancy, sleep, what sleep? Now when people tell you to get as much sleep as you possibly can, do it! I really couldn't prepare myself for this. Granted it is now 6 weeks into motherhood and I am somewhat beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but 6 weeks ago I think I was averaging 2 hours a night. Now we are going 3 hours straight before he wakes up for a feeding.

Now this brings me into a whole other issue. Putting him down. OH MY GOSH, this baby has an alarm in him and knows when I am not holding him. He will either wake up within 30 seconds, or he will wait until I begin to fall asleep. Now some may think, what about Andy? He is half his right? Alex is become a mommas boy, what can you expect from him when I am with him ALL day. Andy will get up and all Alex will do is scream, so I have no choice but to get up. I can say though, things are getting better. If I wrote this 3 weeks ago, I don't think I would have had the same outlook.

Well speaking of sleeping, I just laid Alex down in the crib about 5 minutes ago, and surprise he's back up. Until next time........