Saturday, July 21, 2007

13 June 2007

Ahh...labor. I honestly don't know what the big deal is all about. I mean come on, why does everyone say it's so bad pushing a 7 lb 12 oz. baby out a hole that stretches to 3 times that size? Ahh, could it be that I took the drugs? Yup, I took the drugs everyone. All that talk on me saying I can go natural, well boy was I wrong!

I went into the hospital Tuesday night the 12th of June to be induced that following morning. Wait, let me re-wind. FIRST before going to the hospital, we had to go to Andy's soft ball game. We went to the game with our bags packed. Not only that, but he didn't want to leave the game to take me to the hospital to have our son! Now I know that sounds horrible, but understand, I did agree for us to stop at the base first so he could play half of the game. See what a wonderful wife I am? So back to where I was, Tuesday night, hospital. Nothing much happened from there. I ended up being already 2cm dilated so they did some balloon thing and it made me 3 cm. I got to have some amazing drugs and I got my last night of really good sleep for the rest of my life.

June 13, 2007 0700.

They woke me up at 7 am and let me get a shower which was totally a waste of time. an hour later the doctor was breaking my water and I was nasty all over again. The nurse began to give me potocin at 8:30 and that's when it was all over. The contractions came like a train out of control. I honestly don't know how women do it! I only had contractions for about an hour and a half before I got the epidural. Andy stepped out for that one and my mom hold my hand. You try sitting perfectly still while a guy is putting a huge needle in your spine while have a contraction. Not much fun. So anyway, to make a long day short, about a half hour later I was numb from the hips down and was loving life. At 5 in the afternoon I began to push Alex out and at 5:41 he was here! My doctor was amazing and he was my favorite so I got lucky with that one. Also with each push, Alex's heart beat went down so we almost had to use the vacuum which I wasn't having so within 10 mins of the doctor telling me that I pushed him out.

What a wonderful feeling it was. I really can't put it down into words. So many emotions take over and I just cried and laughed. Here was this baby that Andy and I created and he couldn't be more perfect. (besides his boo boo head!) Little did I know that our life just took a complete flip at 5:41 that day. Would I take it all back if I could? Nah....but I definitely would have not taken the time that me and Andy had together for granted when it was just us.


james'angel said...

OMG! How freaken awesome,I love this, you must keep this up at least until I get there and can experience it myself, I really love the part about Andy's game...MEN! :)

browneyegirl said...

Melissa this site is so awesome. I love reading about him. I didn't know he played softball before you left. Yes you are a good wife he better never forget it LOL. I cant wait till you get here i want to meet the little ham Bella does to.
Love, Amie